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I could have never been prouder of my self and my colleagues. Darna, the Arabic word for "our home" is truly the result of hard work, lots of planning, cooking, styling, photography and design excuted by only 3 people. Sawsan, Nisreen and I are so delighted that Darna did bring us together as bloggers who have a big passion for our Middle Eastern food. We live thousands of miles apart, yet Darna is the place where we feel together.

Darna magazine is a free e-magazine that is so rich with Middle Eastern recipes, whether old recipes as we have learned from our ancestors or recipes with a modern twist to suit this time and the new taste buds. Other than recipes, you can find crafts, restaurant reviews, articles and history waiting for you to enjoy.

Here are the links to the issues..

Ramadan, June 2015 Issue No. 1

Autumn, Sep 2015 Issue No. 2

سعادتي كبيرة اكيد بوجود هدف جديد ورائع وبالنسبة الي ولصاحباتي اللي معي..سامي جدا وهو توثيق الاكل العربي...من هون انطلقت مجلة دارنا المجلة الالكترونية المجانية باللغة الانجليزية بسواعد 3 مدونات عربيات. بيخططوا، بيطبخوا، بينسقوا الاكل وبيصوروه وكمان بيصمموا المجلة. عمل كبير وجهد كبير وبيستاهل بنتمنى انكم تستمتعوا فيه دايما.

وصفات مجلة دارنا بتنزل باللغة العربية على مدونة خاصة بالمجلة وهي www.Darnamag.com تابعوها وتابعوا صفحة المجلة على الفيسبوك 

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  1. Hello,
    How can I receive the Darna recipes?
    Is there a special web-site?
    Thank you for your help - and for those fabulous recipes.