About me

انا منال...بحب كل شي متعلق بالاكل والمطبخ والبيت. بيتي هو مملكتي اللي بحب اشارك عيلتي واهلي فيها بكل شي حلو ولذيذ. بتمنى اني اقدر اشارككم بجزء من حياتي اليومية من خلال هذة المساحة الخاصة بي وان اكون ضيفة خفيفة الظل عليكم وانه تلاقوا المعلومة المفيدة والوصفة الاكيدة من Manal's Bites واخيرا وليس آخرا انه اساهم ولو بجزء بسيط بحفظ وصفات تراثنا العربي.
I am Manal...I love every thing and anything related to food, the kitchen and HOME. My HOME is my kingdom where I love to share what I love most with my family and friends. I hope that through this humble blog, I will be able to share this love with you; and for you to find what you seek whether a recipe, a tip, a plan, a project or just the fun.Additionally, I do hope that through this small cyber space of mine that I will contribute to preserve many of the authentic Arabic and Middle Eastern Recipes that can you can help to document generations to come.


  1. Hello Manal,
    I love your blog and your recipes-
    I am Palestinian but came here when I was three years old-
    I don't read or write Arabic but was wondering if you have the taboon bread in English
    Please and thank you very much

    1. Am so sorry for the terribly way too long reply...a year ...my God...I hope you were able to find the recipe on my blog its there