Friday, January 27, 2017

Homemade Peanutella and menu No. 1 for the week

The storm is about to hit Amman and we are expecting some snow tonight...not that I am very excited but I wish it was during the week...(so speaks the working woman!!!). I just remember how I hated snow when I was staying at home as it meant all children and hubby at home, going out to play in the snow, wet clothes, messy home and lots and I mean lots of cooking!!! Well, the only part I enjoyed was the last one :)

Hubby and 2 teens will be back from Dubai I am trying to enjoy my last day of freedom hehehehe...I have to admit I miss them but it was lovely spending some time alone with Haroon...I didn't cook last week...its only the two of us and my Mom was so sweet, she sent food for Haroon while I ate mostly at work or anything...a nice break indeed.

Now that all is back to normal, I went shopping in the freezing cold rain to get what we need for the week and to cook for the week too. Speaking of weekly cooking, I know that many of you especially in the Middle East don't get the weekly cooking about if I tell you that in the west there is a monthly cooking plan where you depend a lot on freezing meals!!! But since I don't like that very much, weekly cooking is very convenient and it works for me and my family. Spending 3 hours of cooking every Saturday is not bad. And the plus part of it is that I get the ingredients fresh from the produce shop or supermarket and cook it immediately, so its as fresh as it gets. Yes its stored in the fridge but it is only reheated the day we want to eat it. So it is almost fresh as well. If you don't like that scenario you can always do most of the prep work on the weekend and just finish the dish when you come home. My kids come home an hour before me and they are usually starving, so I don't expect them to wait for me. Therefore, this plan works for us.

So what is on the menu this week:
Friday: Ruz and Adas (Rice and Lentils) so suitable in this cold weather...comfort food at its best. To me its the risotto of Palestine...a childhood favorite of mine...

Saturday: Honey BBQ chicken wings, stir fry and rice, vermichilli soup (the gang is coming back at lunch time so I might as well treat them to something nice)
Sunday: Spinach pies with leftovers from Saturday
Monday: Mulukhia...YES AGAIN...
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wed: Spinach stew and rice
Thursday: Leftovers and pasta with yogurt

Not bad at all :)

On the side: Za'tar and white cheese muffins for breakfast and work
Cream Caramel

Possible dinners during the week:
I am planning to treat them to Grilled Cheese and Turkey sandwiches for one night and a pizza for another night.

So what is on your menu this week? Please do share with all of us.

And what is up with saving money...this week remember you need to add 3.5 JDs...the total is 8 JDs in the is mine for this week..

My recipe today is for a nice condiment that you can prepare at home using peanuts instead of Hazelnut as a combination between peanut butter and Nutella...YES...its Peanutella....try it you will love if if you are a lover of peanut butter and chocolate... its fantastic to substitute Nutella in any recipe and to spread on bread or as a dip for fruits.

2 cups roasted peanuts (not the salty ones, just roast them yourself but be very careful not to burn them)
1 cup powdered sugar (use more or less)
1/2 cup cocoa powder
sprinkle of salt
3 Tbsp oil or more if needed

In a food processor grind the peanuts until they become almost a paste.
Add the rest of the ingredients and turn the food processor on.
If too thick add oil to reach the thickness needed.
Store in the fridge.

Next week will share a cookie recipe using this peanutella. :)

اظن اني زي الكل حاليا بعمان قاعدين على الشبابيك وبنستنى الثلج...طبعا انا كنت بتمنى لو انه جد وكان في ثلج انه يكون يوم الاحد...يعني بما اني بشتغل صرت زي هالناس اللي بتشتغل بحب اعطل...مالنا ومال الحكي.... الله يرحم لما كنت قاعدة بالبيت يركبني 70 عفريت انه في ثلج وقعدة بالبيت للاولاد وتوسيخ واكل وطبخ ونفخ...يعني مشان ما اكذب كنت احب بس موضوع الطبخ بكل هالقصة!!! بس قعدتهم بالبيت دمار كانت...الحمد لله اللي اجى شوية شتا...السنة جد الله يرحمنا برحمته...

الي اسبوع قاعدة انا وهارون لحالنا بالبيت ...الحقيقة تقال اكيد اشتقنا لخالد وياسمين وسلطان بس كانت اجازة حلوة...قعدنا فيها لحالنا ولا طبخ ولا غسيل ولا تنظيف ولا اعملي ساندويشات كل شوي ولا نودلز ولا بيض مسلوق (ههههه ما تسألوني صايرين مغرمين بالبيض المسلوق)...حتى البنت اللي بتساعدني ...خلينا نقول انها مش زعلانة من الاجازة النسبية اللي اخدتها....والحلو انهم همه كمان مبسوطين ومستمتعين...فممتاز..

وبما انه العصابة جاي بكرة ان شاء الله فلازم طبيخ ...رحت اليوم الصبح جبت اغراض مشان الاسبوع ومشان اطبخ للاسبوع...وبعرف انه كتير منكم مش مستوعب الفكرة تماما بس الحقيقة انا بجيب الاغراض فريش وبطبخها بنفس اليوم...يعني طازجة تماما وبس بنسخن وقت الاكل ففعليا مش اكل بايت بمعنى البايت..ما حد لمسه... الحلو بهاي الطريقة انه جد بستعملي الاغراض فورا مثل الخضار وبترتاحي خلال الاسبوع...بس المشكلة انه مش كل الاكل بيزبط عشان هيك الاكلات اللي ما بتزبط بخليها للجمعة والسبت... طبعا لو تعرفوا باوروبا واميركا في ناس بتطبخ للشهر...هلا انا مش كتير بحب استخدم التفريز بس اذا الواحد عنده الالة اللي بتسحب الهوا فمش غلط ابدا... المهم هاي الطريق مريحتني وزابطة مع عيلتي وهي المنيو للاسبوع

الجمعه: رز وعدس....ممتازة بالاجواء الشتوية وبتدفي
السبت: اجنحة الدجاج بالعسل والباربكيو وستير فراي بالدجاج ورز وشوربة شعيرية
الاحد: بواقي + فطاير سبانخ 
الاثنين: ملوخية وارز
الثلاثاء: بواقي
الاربعاء: يخنة سبانخ ورز
الخميس: بواقي ومعكرونة باللبن

حلو: كريم كراميل، براونيز
جبت زعتر اخضر فرح اعمل مفن الزعتر الاخضروالجبنة

ولاني محترمة ممكن اعمل ساندويشات تيركي وجبنة على العشا ومرة بيتزا...يا رب يجي المراق!!!

كيف موضوع التحويش ماشي معكم؟ بديتو!!! هاد الاسبوع بدنا نحط 3 دنانير ونص...المجموع 8 دنانير...وكف للي شاطر وماشي معي...

وصفة اليوم هي لعشاق الفول السوداني والشوكولاتة والنيوتيلا مع بعض...عملت بينتيلا....كيف بالله!!! يعني بتطلع ارخص من البندق والحقيقة طعم زاكي جدا للي بيحب الفول السوداني وبتقدروا تستعملوها باي وصفة بدها نيوتيلا او تدهنوا فيها ساندويشة او كيك...الخ

2 كوب فول سوداني محمص (مش مالح) انتي جيبية ني وحمصيه بالفرن وديري بالك عليه ما بصير يتتحمص زيادرة
1/2 كوب كاكاو
1 كوب سكر ناعم (ممكن تحطي اقل او اكتر)
رشة ملح
3 ملاعق طعام زيت نباتي 

اطحني الفول السوداني بمطحنة الطعام لحد ما يصير زي المعجون (زيوته رح تساعد بالموضوع)
تضاف بقية المقادير وبتدوري المطحنة. اذا طلع سميك ممكن تزيدي كمان زيت. حطيها بمرتبان وبالثلاجة
وبس....رهيب صح
طبعا ممكن نفس الطريقة بالبندق واللوز والكاجو كمان...خلينا على الفول السوداني اوفر.. :)
الاسبوع الجاي وصفة بسكوت باستخدام البينتيلا...

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Moist Chocolate cake with chestnuts butter cream

Its the first post in 2017, Happy New Year everyone. (Note: I started writing this post on the 2nd of January!!! Seriously what is wrong with time?!!!! Still I kept the post as is)

I took the 2nd day of the year off of work (the first day was off anyway) but since everyone in the house is off, it doesn't count as a constructive day at all though I had two big customer orders and boy was I busy.
After travelling 4 times last year, I kind of neglected the house; so today was my day to try to get as much done as possible. I started off by sending few work emails that couldn't be postponed (I designated an hour to that), then I started to de-clutter the guest room. I had so many; and I mean so many, things laying around there as it is the room that no one will see, so anything that I didn't know where to put away or didn't have the time to put it away went there; pity but I cleaned up today along with my pantry and the storage room; all under 2 hours. Then off I went to cook lunch; especially that I had my mother in law for lunch. I had leftover pumpkin soup, so I made Kufta, a green salad with leftover creamy dill dressing and pesto pasta with corn and sun dried tomatoes. I have leftovers for tomorrow, so no cooking :)
I also had to work a bit on Darna Magazine blog (I designated one hour for that), did a couple of crafts projects (will be sharing these with you as well soon) all and all it was a very constructive day and I am pretty happy with the achievements.
Tomorrow I go back to work and boy does look like a very very busy year at work, exciting though.

So as I planned my week ahead, here was my goal for 2017

What's yours?
Aside from that, I told you that I am planning a new plan to save money taking on the yearly saving plan; have you heard of it? It is simply like this  from what mommy does it
So if I follow it, I will save 1,352 JDs by the end of the year...not bad. She has a printable document so you can track your savings. I am also going to have another side challenge which is to save 100 JDs a month from my salary; this is 1200 JDs a year...So my total saving if I commit to both will be 2552 JDs by the end of 2017. Fingers crossed...not bad. (So far am at week 3 saving...4.5 JDs.. :)

One of my other goals is to be more focused (yeah talk about this poor post pending for over 3 weeks)...never mind. At the career level, things are very hectic yet very blessed that I love what I do..come on...who gets to work in handicrafts and food and not love it...Well at least if this is your hobby and it is for sure mine.
As for the beloved Darna Magazine, the 7th issue is about to come out...very exciting new look to the magazine which I hope you will like and share your views with me once its out.

I am also trying to think of giving myself some time to take care of me...physically and spiritually...I need it. At the blog level, I really need to get my act together. Lets see.

So I am planning to share with you my progress in saving money and I will be back to posting my meal plans for the week starting next Saturday as am off the hook this week since my husband and two teens are in Dubai...its me and the HAROON and cooking is not an issue week of fun and relaxation... :)

So my recipe for the day is how to make a beautiful and delicious chocolate cake with a chestnut butter cream..YUM...

This is a recipe that I shared in the 3rd issue of Darna magazine.

Please visit the magazine at this link for the English version of it.

ما تضحكوا علي هاد البوست اله عم بينكتب 3 اسابيع...اشي مخزي الصراحة...اولا كيفكم؟
ثانيا كل عام وانتو بالف خير وان شاء الله تكون سنة خير على الجميع وتشوفوا فيها كل احلامكم وطموحاتكم متحققة...
طبعا انا الي فترة ببربر بخصوص موضوع التوازن بين الشغل والبيت والبزنس والمدونة والموضوع صدقا مش سهل...واللي اكتشفتوا وما تضحكوا اني بضيع وقت!!!! تخيلوا!!! كل اللي بنجزو باليوم بس فعليا في هدر بالوقت رايح واكيد عرفتوا وين!!! يس السوشال ميديا والجروبات وغيره...لا والادهى والامر انه لاني سافرت كتير بالفترة الاخيرة قلت بتسلى بالمطار بدل الزهق وبالطيارة...قمت نزلت لعبة من هبلي على التلفون...جد شو هاد؟!!! ادمان بيصير الواحد...امبارح شطبتها شطبا مبرما من التلفون مشان ما ارجع الها ابدا ولا اضيع وقت...

طيب انتو بايش بتضيعوا وقت خلال النهار؟
بحب اسمع منكم...
مع السنة الجديدة قررت اني ابدأ مشروع وتحدي توفير...مين فيكم معي..؟
الجدول فوق بالقسم الانجليزي من البوست وهو توفير مبلغ معين بالاسبوع حسب الجدول...المحصلة 1352 دينار باخر السنة...حلوين والله...حابين تخوضوا التحدي...
هيني عملت جرة و صرت محوشة 4 دنانير ونص... :)

ابتداءا من السبت الجاي رح ارجع اشارككم جدول الاسبوع للطبخ..وبحب كتير انكم تتشاركوا معي وتخبروني اذا عم بتجربوا الطريقة اللي عم بعملها وهي طبخ ل 5 ايام خاصة للموظفات...

وصفة اليوم مناسبة لاي جمعة وبتشهي ومناسبة للشتاء وهي كعكة الشوكولاتة مه كريما الكستناء...جربوها ما رح تندموا...
الوصفة كاملة باللغة العربية على مدونة دارنا هون